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Troitsky Translation Services is a translation agency which provides high quality technical, juridical, advertising, and other kinds of Russian to English, French, German and Italian, and English, German, French, Italian to Russian translations. Besides, we do editing, proofreading, formatting. Our translators are professional engineers. Most of our employees hold their PhDs in engineering.
Our translators have lived and worked abroad and have a long and impressive record of translation and interpretation activities. Our clients are large international equipment manufacturers, major CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM vendors, international translation agencies. We have implemented large-scale translation and localization projects including CAD/CAM/CAE/PLM software localizations, translating industrial equipment, household appliances, documentation, papers, press releases, tutorials, and books. The chances are high that you have already read the texts we have produced.

The agency offers English-Russian, German-Russian. Italian-Russian, Russian-English, Russian-German, Russian-Italian translations in the following primary fields:

  • manufacturing;
  • air and space;
  • construction;
  • law;
  • business communication;
  • medicine and medical equipment;
  • IT;
  • home appliances;
  • physics, math.

We also perform:

  • software localization;
  • translation editing;
  • proofreading;
  • image translations (e.g., for presentations) when an image has to be re-created.
Our motto is: QUALITY UNCOMPROMISED. We never claim that we do the job faster or cheaper than others. We do claim translation quality. We study each field in every detail, we use numerous references, we ask for professional advice if required. We provide top quality translation into Russian,  English, French, German, and Italian  to boost up your international business.

We manage quality with the following:

  • our translators are very experienced professionals;
  • all of them have strong background in the fields of engineering, law, etc.;
  • we have an in-depth understanding of your industry;
  • there is a multi-stage quality management system in place (the translator-editor-proofreader cycle);
  • we use dedicated quality assurance software tools; some of them we have developed ourselves. The tools assure test consistency and eliminate any human errors;
  • we NEVER use Google Translate or similar services since what they produce is sheer nonsense.